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Prehistory is the age before the real history of man.In Prehistory the primitive man learnt how to survive, to think, to make art works in a hostile environment.
It can be divided into two parts:
Paleolithic Age (paleos = old, lite = stone) is the oldest and Neolithic Age ( neo= new) is the most recent.
Or into three parts :
Stone Age
Iron Age
Bronze Age.
Art in Prehistory can be divided into three parts:
The primitive man began to paint in the caves  when he lived as a nomad: he painted hunting and daily life  scenes on their walls.He invented tools to carve the so called 'Venus images'on the rocks : fat female shapes representing plenty and fertility.The primitive architecture started with the Dolmen and the Menhir.A Dolmen is formed by three stones ( two vertical ones and an Architrave)while a Menhir is a stele statue.
Prehistoric Art is the basis !!

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